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The conference ELMECO-7 will include the following topics:

·        plasma and ozone technologies to air, water, soil and wastes decontamination,

·        electromagnetic compatibility, influence of electromagnetic fields, noise and vibration on living organisms and environment monitoring,

·        renewable energy sources to supply electrotechnical devices and home power plants.

·        computer aided designing of electromagnetic devices and processes,

·        micro- and nanomaterials,

·        other related subjects.

The seminar “Applications of Superconductors” AoS-10 will include the following topics:

·        phenomena in superconductors,

·        superconducting materials, wires and tapes,

·        energy saving superconducting devices (cables, magnets, fault current limiters SFCL, magnetic energy storage SMES, transformers, bearings, machines, SQUIDs) and their applications.